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Winter is a special period for geogrid construction


In the winter season, because of its climate, environment and other factors, there will inevitably be some difficulties during construction. For example, when constructing geogrids, we have to work hard to face many problems. .

In areas with repeated freezing and thawing, when the day and night average temperature is below -3°C for more than 10 consecutive days, subgrade construction is called subgrade winter construction. When the day and night average temperature rises above -3°C, but the frozen soil is not completely melted, Construction is also carried out in winter.  

1. The roadbed shall be staked out on site before freezing, the control pile shall be protected and the obvious barnyard shall be erected to prevent it from being buried by ice and snow.  

2. Control the fill steps on the slope before freezing.  

3. Repair and maintenance of vehicles, machinery and equipment, and geomembrane manufacturers that need to be used in winter construction should fully prepare engineering materials during winter construction.  

4. For embankment filling in winter construction, unfrozen sandy soil should be used.  

5. To fill the embankment in winter, it should be filled according to the full width of the transverse section, and the thickness of each layer should be reduced by 20%-30% according to normal construction, and the maximum loose paving thickness should not exceed 30cm. The compaction should not be lower than the requirements during normal construction. , The soil filled on the same day must be rolled on the same day.

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