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Construction technology of high strength geotechnical pipe belt


1.Laying of high strength pipe bag

    The geotechnical pipe bag shall be laid manually in the low tide exposed beach, and shall be removed before laying.Block stones, sundries and other objects that hinder the quality within the scope!!!

2.Fixing of high strength geotechnical pipe bag

    The processed bag body shall be transported to the construction site and laid according to the setting out position to prevent.When the pipe bag is filled, it shall roll, slide and shift to ensure the accurate position of the mud filling bag. After the pipe bag is laid, it shall be replaced Anchor and fix. The bottom pipe bag is anchored by setting an anchor steel pipe on the outside of the pipe bag for reuse.The anchoring ring on the pipe bag and the steel pipe are connected according to the anchoring method. After the filling of the pipe bag at the bottom layer is completed,The upper layer of the taxi bag is filled with the pull rings on both sides and the bottom layer.The method of binding and connecting the work belt and the lower pipe bag into one and paving.

3. High strength geotechnical bag filling

    The high toughness polypropylene geotechnical pipe bag is filled with 22KW impact suction mud pump unit,The mud pump unit is fixed on the flat boat. After underwater flushing and suction, the mud pump is connected to the mud delivery pipe lead it to the filling cuff of the paved bag body, and use the mud conveying pipe to take sand for filling. When filling the geotechnical pipe bag, the mud shall be filled from the end of one end to the cuff at the earliest the end pipe orifice is used for drainage, which is conducive to sediment deposition and improve efficiency. In the filling process, it is necessary to often check the mud and sand accumulation at the outlet pipe orifice, timely adjust the position of the outlet pipe orifice, and constantly adjust the filling the mud cuff is manually trampled back and forth on the top surface of the bag during filling, so that the soil particles are rearranged and tend to be tight dense, so that the sand in the bag is filled evenly and fully, so as to ensure the smooth filling and speed up the drainage and consolidation of the bag when the whole sand bag reaches the slurry screen stage, appropriately reduce the machinery for filling sand bag or stop filling,in order to prevent the bag from bursting, leave a certain time for consolidation and dehydration. During the filling process, the surveyors the elevation of the top of each layer of sand bag shall be controlled according to the cross-section drawing of the core of the sand filled bag embankment, and it shall be reached once in the filling process if the height is less than the ideal height, after the sand bag is slightly consolidated, it shall be filled for two or more times until it is cleaned think about your fullness.During filling, the best mechanical equipment shall be determined according to the capacity of each sand bag to meet the requirements of each sand bag the bag is filled in a tide and reaches the ideal filling height. After filling, the cuff is use the work belt or rope (lead wire is not allowed) shall be bound. The damaged part of the sand filled bag must be repaired immediately with a needle, and the needle distance of the suture shall not be greater than 5mm.

4. Acceptance of high strength geotechnical pipe bag

    After the filling of each sand bag is completed, the construction team shall notify the surveyors and quality personnel to accept the top elevation and axis deviation of each layer of sand bag, and fill in the construction records. Unqualified ones are not allowed it is allowed to fill the upper sand bag, and the construction can be carried out again only after the treatment is completed.

5. Make filling construction records

    When filling the bag, the filling volume shall be observed at any time. When the requirements are met, the filling pipe shall be pulled out and filled in filling construction records. The construction inspection shall be strengthened during the construction process, and the bags that do not meet the design requirements shall be replaced the filling and inspection shall be repeated until the whole bag meets the design requirements.

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