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HDPE Geomembrane

HDPE geomembrane is blow molding by high moecular polymer


Brand: Haisan


Thickness: 0.1-2mm

Width: 2500mm-10000mm

Original: China

HDPE geomembrane (also known as impermeable film).its thickness of 0.2-3mm,the thickness of 0.8mm above also known as waterproof plate.It is a kind of waterproof barrier material with high quality polyethylene primary resin as the basic raw material.The main component is 97.5% high density polyethylene and about 2.5% carbon black.

Textured Geomembrane Production Process.jpg

Technical data:


National standard for polyethylene film GB/T17643-2011

Thickness mm







Tensile yield strength (vertical and horizontal) N/mm







Tensile breaking strength (vertical and horizontal) N/mm







Elongation at break (vertical and horizontal) %


Right angle tear strength (vertical and horizontal) N/mm







Puncture strength N







Carbon black content %


Product Fearures

Excellent impermeability,high barrier,high puncture resistance,acid and alkali resistance and a varity of chemical erosion,aging resistance,no pollution,good adhesion,convenient construction.

Product Application

1. Environment protection and sanitation:such as domestic garbage landfill,sewage treatment plant,power plant regulation pool,industrial,hospital solid waste,etc.

2. Water conservancy:seepage prevention,plugging,reinforcement,seepage prevention of water channel,vertical core wall,slope protection,etc.

3. Municipal engineering:subway,underground engineering of buildings,planting roofs,anti-seepage of roof gardens,lining of sewage pipes,etc.

4. Gardens:artificial lakes,river courses,reservoirs,the bottom lining of golf course reservoirs,slope protection,green lawns,waterproof and moisture-proof,etc.

5. tank of chemical plant,oil refinery,gas station,chemical reaction tank.lining of sedimentation tank,secondary lining layer,etc,

6. Mining industry:wash and separation pool,heap and immersion pools,ash pool,dissolution pool,sedimentation pool,storage yard,tailings bottom lining anti-seepagetc.

7. Transportation facilities:highway foundation reinforcement,seepage prevention of culverts

8. Agriculture:impermeability of reservoirs,drinking pools,reservoirs and irrigation systems.

9. Aquaculture:intensive and factory aquaculture pond,fish pond,lining of shrimp pond,sea cucumber circle slope protection,etc.

10. Salt industry:crystal pool in salt works,halogen pool tarpaulin cover,salt pool plastic film,etc.

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