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Isolation effect of filament Geotextile


The filament geotextile is used in the isolation layer because of its excellent filtration ability. The effectiveness of the geotextile isolation layer is used in many projects that customers have done before. The geotextile isolation layer is used in railways, highways, airports, all kinds of runways, water conservancy projects and finishing projects, There are a lot of construction examples of filament geotextile isolation layer. Geotextile isolation layer has its own strength, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, insect resistance and strong strain ability. Geotextile can be divided into woven and non-woven goods, but they are all geotextile isolation layers. The thickness of isolation layer depends on the construction needs

In some water conservancy projects, once the particle size of impurities in the water is stored in the geotextile fiber mesh, the problem of clogging will flash over time, and the filtration and isolation effect of geotextile will decline

Aging is also one of the difficulties faced by geotextiles. The power of nature may cause the geotextile isolation layer to gradually grow old. According to the construction technology and raw materials and aging resistance, the geotextiles resistance to aging is not the same.


The effectiveness of the geotextile is similar to that of the base material (80%) in the case of damage to the insulation layer

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