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The influence of water on the aging of composite geomembrane


The use of geotechnical materials is the key product of engineering construction reinforcement. Shandong composite geomembrane is a common geomembrane product. Our company has a comprehensive understanding of the laying knowledge of composite geomembrane, especially in the aging factors of Shandong composite geomembrane, water quality The main impact.


The water quality has little effect on the material, and when tested in water with a pH of 2-10, the material aging has little effect. However, if the stress level is more than 30% of the tensile strength, the defective part is easy to expand and damage. If the stress level reaches 20% of the tensile strength, the material is not easily damaged. Therefore, the horizontal stress should be small when in use, do not pull too tightly, and the stress level should not exceed 20% of the tensile strength, so that the service life of the material is very long.


I hope you have a simple grasp of the influence of the above water quality on the aging of geomembrane, and hope to provide you with better product use, engineering construction support and assistance, and more comprehensive geomaterial product purchase. Welcome to visit the company for detailed consultation.

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