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How is the price of geomembrane defined


On the contrary, the cost is lower than that of traditional waterproof materials. According to actual calculations, the general project using HDPE geomembrane will save about 50% of the cost.

Fast construction speed-the anti-seepage membrane has high flexibility. There are multiple specifications and multiple laying forms to meet the anti-seepage requirements of different projects. The use of hot-melt welding, high weld strength, convenient, fast and healthy construction.

Environmental protection and non-toxic—The materials used in the geomembrane are all non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. The anti-seepage principle of the geomembrane is ordinary physical changes and does not produce any harmful substances. It is the best choice for environmental protection, aquaculture, and drinking water ponds.

The joints of the composite geomembrane should be tested before the construction. In the production of composite geomembrane, a 16cm non-bonding width of geotextile and geomembrane is reserved at the margin. According to the different requirements of anti-seepage, the joint of composite geomembrane can adopt hot-melt welding or special adhesive bonding. If the hot-melt welding method is used, the welding equipment should be compared to obtain the test parameters such as welding temperature, welding speed and construction process requirements; if the bonding method is used, the adhesive comparison, the tensile strength after bonding, and the Tests on elongation and construction technology.


At the bottom of the joint of the two composite geomembranes, a wooden board is set up to serve as a splicing operation platform. The board must be smooth and free of burrs and other defects to prevent piercing the geomembrane......

Uncover the geotextiles at the joints of two adjacent composite geomembranes, clean the bonding surface of the membranes, and remove oil, dust, water stains, and silk wool.


Geomembrane application fields:

1. Environmental protection, environmental sanitation (such as domestic waste landfills, sewage treatment plants, power plant regulating tanks, industrial, hospital solid waste, etc.)

2. Water conservancy (such as seepage prevention, plugging, reinforcement of rivers, lakes, reservoirs and dams, seepage prevention of canals, vertical core walls, slope protection, etc.)

3. Municipal engineering (underground engineering of subways, buildings, planting roofs, anti-seepage of roof gardens, lining of sewage pipes, etc.)

4. Gardens (artificial lakes, river courses, reservoirs, bottom lining of golf course ponds, slope protection, green lawns, etc.)

5. Petrochemical geomembrane (anti-seepage of oil storage tanks in chemical plants, refineries, gas stations, chemical reaction tanks, lining of sedimentation tanks, secondary linings, etc.)

6. Mining industry (washing tank, heap leaching tank, ash dump, dissolution tank, sedimentation tank, storage yard, anti-seepage of the bottom lining of tailings, etc.)

7. Geomembrane for transportation facilities (reinforcement of road foundation, anti-seepage of culvert)

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