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Slope protection cement blanket

The new composite cement blanket is a needle-punched composite cement waterproof blanket. It is a blanket-like material made of two layers (or three layers) of geotextile wrapped with special cement and needle-punched. It will hydrate and harden into a thin layer when it meets water. Durable concrete layer that is waterproof and fireproof. The three-dimensional fiber composite structure woven by polyethylene and polypropylene contains a special formula of dry concrete mixture. When the new composite cement blanket is constructed on site, there is no need for any concrete mixing equipment on site, as long as it is simply watered or immersed in water It makes it hydrated. After solidification, the fibers serve to strengthen the concrete and prevent cracking.

1. Compared with the application of traditional concrete, it mainly has the advantages of easy use, rapid solidification, environmental protection and flexible application. It can be provided in large rolls in bulk or in rolls, which is convenient for manual loading, unloading and transportation, without the need for large cranes. The concrete is prepared according to a scientific proportion, no on-site preparation is required, and excessive hydration problems will not occur. Once the hydration reaction occurs after watering, the size and shape of the concrete canvas can still be processed within 2 hours, and within 24 hours, it can harden to 80% of the strength. According to the special requirements of users, special formula can be adopted to achieve the purpose of rapid solidification or delayed solidification.

2. The new composite cement blanket is a breakthrough material technology, which can use concrete on slopes, water and other difficult-to-reach locations, without form or mixing, and with minimum equipment requirements. Provides strength and durability. Make it an ideal choice for strengthening or repairing culverts or drainage ditches, berms or other structures. Once hydrated, the fabric quickly cures to a rigid, durable, and waterproof 5,000 psi strength. The fabric remains flexible for up to two hours and is easy to handle to adapt to the contours of irregular devices.

3. The new composite cement blanket has the characteristics of low alkalinity and low erosion, which minimizes the impact on the ecological environment. The unique structure of the concrete cloth is easy to install. The fabric can be hung vertically, laid in a trench, or cut to form a durable concrete layer, making it ideal for various engineering restoration applications.

1. After the cement blanket is sprayed with water, the cement will quickly solidify. After the evaporated moisture is dried, the cement blanket will be as hard as traditional cement, and its service life may even exceed that of traditional cement.

2. Applying textile fiber technology, using a skeleton made of textile fiber structure, incorporating a variety of composite materials. Of course, it is not only convenient for transportation. The new type of cement blanket also has many advantages that traditional cement does not have, such as fireproof and moisture-proof, and even no Easy to crack,

3. It is also very simple to use, just lay it on the place where construction is needed, and then spray water on it and air dry it. In addition, the shape of the cement blanket can be cut according to the size of the construction area, which greatly improves the construction efficiency of the project.

 Physical properties

Product modlethickness  mmArea of small roll sq.m.Area of big roll  sq.m.Width of roll  mNot solidified mass  kg/sq.m.Not solidified  density kg/Cubic metersSolidified density kg/Cubic meters

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