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Precautions for Geotextile construction !

  1. Before construction, the substrate shall be cleaned. If conditions permit, it can be washed with water to ensure that the substrate is free of any impurities. If there are cracks in the base, it can be repaired with asphalt. Otherwise, it will affect the effect of pavement and final use in the later stage.

  2. When paving, the materials should be straightened as much as possible, and the paving should be as flat as possible, because this can be close to the base as much as possible. If there is oil on the bottom, you can roll it with a roller brush to make it fit better, and then sprinkle some melon seed slices or coarse sand on it.

  3. When paving, it is necessary to ensure the dryness of the woven fabric, because the effect will be greatly reduced after the rain is wet. In case of wetting, it should be paved after it is completely dry. At the same time, smoking is not allowed during laying, which will be more dangerous. When just finished, don't walk on the surface, don't move tools, and don't keep heavy objects on it.

  4. There should be some overlap at the lap joint, and the effect will be better after layer by layer paving. The joint can be welded, so the stability is better. In addition, pay attention to the slope and the position of the corner, where the splicing length can be shortened to avoid wrinkles.

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