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Anti-cracking stickers

Features of anti-cracking stickers (woven fabric/woven fabric):

        1. Isolation. Laying anti-cracking stickers to isolate the cracked surface layer from the asphalt surface layer to avoid direct contact between the cracked surface layer and the asphalt surface layer. The tensile stress of the base layer crack cannot be directly transmitted to the asphalt concrete surface layer, although the base layer and the asphalt surface layer are reduced. The bonding force between the surface layers, but the high polymer anti-cracking stickers can make the upper and lower layers adhere well into a whole, and jointly bear the effect of the vehicle load, which is sufficient to prevent the relative displacement of the upper and lower layers of the interface and maintain continuity.

        2. Reinforcing effect. The anti-cracking sticker has a certain strength and can withstand a certain crack tensile stress. When the crack tensile stress increases and is greater than the tensile strength of the anti-cracking sticker, the anti-cracking sticker begins to deform, and then the surface layer begins to bear the anti-cracking sticker and transfer up Tensile stress. The anti-crack paste layer will bear all the tensile stress of the crack. Obviously, the anti-crack paste acts as a reinforcement. In this sense, it improves the tensile strength of the pavement structure layer.

        3. Energy dissipation and buffering. The anti-cracking patch is a material with a certain degree of extensibility. The polymer has good low-temperature flexibility. When laid between the asphalt pavement layers, it is equivalent to setting an elastic layer. The tensile stress of the crack in the base layer is extended to A wider range, so as to relieve the stress intensity at the cracks, and the elastic interlayer can absorb part of the tensile energy.

        4. Water-proof and anti-seepage effect. The anti-cracking paste polymer can form a complete water-proof and seepage-proof layer, which can block the penetration of road water to the roadbed, thereby protecting the strength of the base layer and preventing further deterioration of the material properties of the base layer. The anti-cracking paste applied to the asphalt pavement layer can effectively control the upward transmission of cracks, and play the anti-cracking effect and energy absorption effect of the anti-cracking paste in actual projects.

Product specifications and performance parameters:


tensile strength



Temperature resistance






180℃ No obvious deformation






-10℃ No cracks






70℃ No drip


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