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Eco bag

Eco-bag is a kind of high-strength anti-ultraviolet, freeze-thaw, acid and alkali-resistant ecological synthetic material. It is a new high-tech special material. It has high-strength anti-UV, acid and alkali, anti-corrosion and freeze-thaw resistance. Zero pollution. Mainly used in the construction of flexible ecological slopes. Ecological bags are moisture resistant, do not absorb water, moisture will not damage the bags, the bags will not deform, and they are insoluble in contaminated liquids. It is a good tool for protecting the ecology and is very practical. Application areas:

Ecological restoration

1. Both sides of the river: the natural riparian environment where humans and wildlife coexist

2. Mine re-greening: comprehensive utilization of gangue, scientifically rectifying subsidence areas, greening barren hills, purifying water and gas, creating a new era of ecological restoration of mines and re-greening of barren hills.

3. Treatment of landslides on the shores of seas and lakes, surface landslides, culvert openings, drains, soil erosion, irrigation systems, etc.

4. Constructed wetland: ecological restoration

5,; Green roof


1. Road slope protection: railway and highway slope protection, suitable for excavation slopes and filling slopes.

2. Slope protection for rivers and lakes: suitable for the slopes of rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

3. Special applications: military installations and emergency flood control, bunkers, flood control dams, etc.

Landscaping and residential

1. Vertical greening, garden art;

2. Commercial residential area;

3. Roof garden greening.

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