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Three-dimensional composite drainage net

The three-dimensional composite drainage net is a kind of geotechnical material mainly used for the fixed drainage of the foundation. It is widely used in the fields of gardens, municipalities, artificial lakes, etc. It is composed of two layers of geotextiles wrapped in the middle of the three-dimensional geonet. This product It has a good stabilization and reinforcement effect, and at the same time, the product has the function of drainage and flood prevention due to the non-dense structure of the product.

In the process of construction, how to operate it specifically? Leveling treatment before laying The composite drainage pipe network is grounded before laying. The first is the rolling of the foundation. The flatness is required to be no more than 15mm and the compactness meets the design requirements. The surface is strictly prohibited from gravel, rocks and other hard protrusions. Things. Laying environment: outdoor temperature above 5, wind below 4, no rain, snow and other bad weather.

Laying and filling treatment composite drainage pipe network should be laid on the smooth bottom load-bearing layer according to the design width, and should be flat and smooth when paving, close to the bottom load-bearing layer. Do not twist, fold or overlap, and use staples or connectors to fix the overlapping parts. The main strength direction of the steel bars is perpendicular to the axis of the embankment, and the overlapping length (longitudinal) of each frame is not less than 15 cm, and it is fixed with U-shaped nails or joints. The distance is 1.0m, the lap length is 3090cm, and the lap position is fixed with U-shaped nails or nylon rope.

Landfill treatment after laying After filling treatment, the larger stone-filled embankment within 8cm of the composite drainage pipe network layer shall not be larger than 6cm in diameter. The layer of the composite drainage pipe network should be covered with light bulldozers or front loaders, and drive along the embankment axis for compaction. The compacted thickness is greater than 60 cm. The composite drainage pipe network material should be filled in time after laying in place to avoid direct exposure to the sun for too long. Generally speaking, the interval should not exceed 48h

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