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Basalt Geogrid

Product: Basalt Geogrid

Material: Basalt

Model: 40KN/40KN ~ 400KN/400KN

Width: 1-6m

Elongation: ≤4%

Features: Excellent temperature range.

  Basalt geogrid is a kind of excellent geosynthetics for the cement concrete floor reinforcement, building reinforcement, road surface reinforcement and basement.


Basalt Geogrid Features:

 1. High tensile strength in the warp and weft directions.
 2. Low elongation.
 3. Excellent temperature range.
 4. Good anti-aging, acid and alkali-resistance 


 1.  Model: 40KN/40KN ~ 400KN/400KN

 2.  Tensile Strength (KN/M): max 400kn/m

 3.  Modulus of elasticity: 79.3-93.1

 4.  Elongation: ≤4%

 5.  Highest work temperature: 650°C

 6.  Mesh Size: 25.4×25.4mm

 7.  Width: 1-6m

 8.  Adhesive Content: ≤20%

 9.  Surface Processing: High quality Asphalt, Polymer or PVC


 1.Can be used under super-low temperature and have good thermal stability.

 2.High tensile strength and low elongation.

 3.Good physical and chemical stability, strong resistance to biological erosion and climate changes.

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