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Product name: Geocell

Material: HDPE

Height: 50mm-300mm

Welding distance: 330mm-1000mm

Sheet thickness: 1.0mm-1.5mm

Uses: Suitable for treatment of semi-filled and semi-excavated subgrades, subgrades in windy sand areas, reinforced back subgrades, subgrades in permafrost areas, treatment of collapsible loess subgrades, saline soil and expansive soil.

Geocell is a three-dimensional mesh cell structure formed by reinforced HDPE sheet material through high-strength welding. It is generally formed by ultrasonic needle welding. Due to engineering needs, some holes are punched in the diaphragm.

 Technicical-mechanical property of the product:

specificationheight of chamber(cm)Weld spacing (mm)Expanding size(m2)
DTGS 554004.5*5
DTGS 5 53006.5*4.5
DTGS 8 8100013.2*4.5
DTGS 884004.5*5
DTGS 883306.5*4.5
DTGS 10104004.5*5
DTGS 10103306.5*4.5
DTGS 15154004.5*5
DTGS 15153306.5*4.5
DTGS 20204004.5*5
DTGS 20203306.5*4.5

Features of Geogrid:

1. It can be expanded and contracted freely, and can be folded during transportation. It can be stretched into a net during construction and filled with loose materials such as soil, gravel and concrete to form a structure with strong lateral restriction and large rigidity.

2. Light material, abrasion resistance, stable chemical performance, resistance to photooxidation, acid and alkali resistance, suitable for different soil and desert conditions.

3. High lateral restriction and anti-slip, anti-deformation, effectively enhancing the bearing capacity of the roadbed and dispersing the load.

4. Changing geocell height, welding distance and other geometric dimensions can meet different engineering needs.

5. Flexible expansion, small transportation volume, convenient connection and fast construction speed. That is to say, once the load acts on the subgrade, an active zone with a taper shape will be formed under the load, which will be squeezed through the transition zone, thereby causing the passive zone to bulge. In other words, the bearing capacity of the foundation is determined by the shear force along the slip line and the force in the active, transitional and passive regions of movement. Not only can you clearly experience the true process of the above principles on the sand base, but you will also find this kind of model on the soft road, but the rate of its formation is slower than the change on the sand. Even better roadbed materials still cannot avoid its lateral movement. The roadbed of general highways is several meters above the ground. It is not easy to absorb water and muddy, but long-term settlement still exists. Investigating the reasons, rainwater penetration, material loss, and base sinking are some of the reasons. Under the action of long-term rolling and vibration of the wheel load, the lateral displacement of materials to both sides of the subgrade section is undeniably another very important reason. . Take highways at all levels in our province as an example, there is an "S"-shaped groove belt on the main carriageway of the road that can be clearly felt. Some expressways are no exception. The bumps of a car driving on the roadway are obviously stronger than the feeling of driving on an overtaking belt, especially at the road-bridge junction (commonly known as "bridge head jumping"). This trench roadbed settlement is typical of the lateral slippage of roadbed materials.

The main purpose of the geocell:

1. Used for stabilizing road and railway subgrades.

2. It is used for the treatment of dikes and shallow rivers that bear the load.

3. Mixed retaining wall used to prevent landslides and loaded gravity.

4. When encountering soft foundations, the use of geocells can greatly reduce the labor intensity of construction, reduce the thickness of the roadbed, the construction speed is fast, the performance is good, and the project cost is greatly reduced.

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