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The application of geocell in expressway construction

In rock engineering, it forms cushions with different apparent cohesion, different reinforcement strength and different depths together with soil, sand, stone and other fillers. These cushions can be placed in the required position according to the requirements of the project to reinforce the roadbed, slope protection, and build retaining walls.

Its biggest feature is that it can complete a variety of difficult problems that are difficult to deal with by conventional methods in rock engineering, such as bridgehead jumping, soft foundation subsidence, tumbling, and collapse. It has the characteristics of light material, wear resistance, aging resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, wide applicable temperature range, high tensile strength, good rigidity, toughness, strong impact resistance, relatively stable size, and convenient transportation. In the construction, the connection is simple and easy, and the construction method is simple, thereby simplifying the construction process and improving the construction speed; and can be used repeatedly.

In most cases, the cells are filled with non-cohesive materials such as gravel or gravel. Therefore, the geocell reinforcement layer is also a horizontal drainage channel, which can accelerate the dissipation of pore water pressure during the consolidation of saturated soil, thereby accelerating the consolidation of soil. . In short, the geocell has the comprehensive effects of cushioning, reinforcement, drainage, adjustment of stress and deformation, and improvement of soil impermeability.

Construction method of geocell

Geocells are used as a new type of geosynthetics. The construction is fast, convenient and labor-saving, leveling the construction site and removing debris. Lay the construction cushion and compact it, and then lay the geocell, and try to tighten it as much as possible during the laying without wrinkles. Fill the cell with filler and compact it in time, observe cell deformation and check the compactness at the same time. Finally, the slope was corrected and completed.

Application of Geocell

1 Desert Road Construction Application

2 Soft foundation treatment

3 Filling and excavation connection section of collapsible loess area and high fill subgrade

4 Deal with bridgehead jumping

5 Application of erosion control: slope protection, dam

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