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Precautions for geomembrane construction


1. Electrical equipment and power lines should meet the requirements of relevant professional standards.

2. The power cords towed by hot air guns, grinders and welding machines must be kept away from their working parts to the greatest extent during use, so as not to damage the brain and cause electrical leakage.

3. Except for hot air welding, the mouth of the hot air gun should not be in contact with the HDPE film surface under any circumstances, and keep it away from the film surface, human body, machinery and other objects.

4. When the welding machine is not in use, it should not be placed directly on the surface of the HDPE film, but should be placed on a support or sandbag belt.

5. After the film cutter is used, the blade should be replaced in the knife box immediately.

6. All kinds of temporary small tools used on site should be put into the toolbox in time after use.

7. Re-pressurize and squeeze the solder removed from the welding machine gun head and directly replace it on the surface of the geomembrane.

8. When working in dangerous places such as the edge of steep slopes, safety belts and helmets must be worn in advance.

9. Smoking is prohibited at the construction site of HDPE geomembrane, and fire-fighting facilities should be equipped. It is not allowed to walk on the surface of the membrane in shoes with nails or high-heeled shoes, and avoid all activities that may damage the finished geomembrane manually.

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