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Geocell engineering construction method and process

HDPE geocell for gravel stabilization (20).jpg

Construction method and technology of geocell:


1. Working face: Some existing slopes have reached the requirements, slope restoration is under way, and working face will be provided one after another.

The smoothness of slope is directly related to the success or failure of geosynclast grass protection.

It tends to produce stress concentration and cracking of the solder joints in the lattice chamber.

Therefore, the slope must be leveled to the design requirements, and the pumice and dangerous rocks must be cleared by manual slope repair.

2. The slope of paving room shall be provided with a main drainage system.

The distance between two adjacent channels should be 4m, and the drainage ditch should be connected with the road edge ditch, so that the water in the road area flows into the drainage channel and enters the road edge, so as to avoid the road area and prevent slope erosion protection.

3. Smooth the top of the slope, remove debris that is not conducive to net laying, and keep the slope smooth and solid.

You can also start with a good layer of soil to help the plants grow.

4. The grid shall be laid from top to bottom in the main direction to make the plate weight of the grid perpendicular to the highway subgrade.

Don't lie across.

5. Fully open the compartment assembly and use hook rivet screws at the top.

The length of riveted piles shall be twice the height of the cabin itself and 30 cm, for example, 5 cm of cabin.

Rivet posts shall be 2-5 cm 30 cm long and 40 cm in length, while rivet posts for 10 cm cabins shall be 2 to 10 30 cm long and 50 cm long.

In the riveted pile with drainage ditch on both sides, the bamboo pile mainly plays the role of opening the lattice room.

The middle and bottom can also be composed of bamboo and wood pile samples, the top riveting pile mainly plays the role of riveting lattice, and steel rods and other better materials can be used.

The reinforcement must be perpendicular to the slope surface. Other parts mainly play the role of drawing room in the construction. The available materials are relatively simple.

6. After the compartment is pulled open and riveted, the compartment shall be filled with high quality soil suitable for growing grass or grass seed, and the soil shall reach 1.2 times the height of the compartment and vegetation shall be planted in time.

7. When used for road downhill, the drainage ditch should be connected with the road shoulder retaining ditch to facilitate the discharge of water on the road surface, and the slope protection should not be washed.

When used for road uphill, should be set up on the top of the slope of the catchment ditch, prevent the height of the uphill water into the drainage ditch, prevent the water directly erosion slope protection.

Higher height geosynclines should be used as far as possible when going uphill.

8. After the completion of construction, reinspection shall be carried out, and the non-solid material with insufficient tension shall be reworked in time until the grass or grass completely survives.

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