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Composite geomembrane

Products: composite geomembrane

Width: 3-6m customizable

G weight: 200G-3000G can be customized;

Color: black, white, etc can be customized;

Double anti-UV, anti-oxidation can be customized;

USES: applicable to various artificial lakes, underground construction projects, landfill sites, chemical sewage ponds, road and tunnel projects, water conservancy and hydropower projects, roof greening, reservoir dam, oil depot and other projects impervious to seepage;

Composite geomembrane is divided into one cloth one film, two cloth one film, multi-cloth multiple film, width 4-6m, weight of 200-1500 g/ m2, high tensile, tear resistance, bursting and other physical and mechanical performance indicators, the product has high strength, good extension performance, deformation modulus, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, seepage resistance and other characteristics.

It can be used in unconventional temperature environment because of its high polymer material and anti-aging agent added in the production process.

It is often used for anti-seepage treatment of dykes, drainage ditches and anti-pollution treatment of waste sites.

Composite geofilm is composed of filament geocloth or staple fiber geocloth and PE geofilm by heat composite, which has the excellent characteristics of planar drainage and seepage prevention.

Can meet the water conservancy, municipal, construction, traffic, subway, tunnel, engineering construction impervious, isolation, reinforcement, crack reinforcement and other civil engineering needs.

Composite geomembrane product specifications:

1. One cloth and two films

Base cloth: 100-1000g/m Film thickness: 0.1-1.5mm

2. One film for each cloth

Base cloth: 100-1000g/m Film thickness: 0.1-1.5mm

3. Two cloth and one film

Base cloth: 80-600g/m Film thickness: 0.2-1.5mm

4. Dobby multifilm

Customizable specifications

Product features:

Set anti-seepage drainage in one, high strength, friction coefficient, puncture resistance, aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, prevent soil erosion.

Product Use:

Mainly used in water conservancy, traffic, tunnel, airport, metallurgical tailings, garbage disposal field, roofing seepage prevention and other reinforced projects.


The life of composite geomembrane:

It is mainly determined by whether the plastic film loses anti-seepage and water insulation effect. According to the national standard, the thickness of 0.2m polyethylene film with stabilizer for hydraulic work can reach 40~50 years under the condition of clean water and 30~40 years under the condition of sewage.

Therefore, the service life of composite geomemes is enough to meet the impermeable requirements of DAMS.


Notes for construction of composite geomembrane:

1. Construction personnel must wear shoes without spikes or rubber soles, and it is forbidden to tread on the geomemes at will.


2. After the film is laid, the protective layer shall be constructed in time to prevent the deformation of geomemes caused by thermal shrinkage and the aging of geomemes caused by ultraviolet radiation.


3. Do not contact with chemical substances that can cause changes in polyolefin properties, so as to avoid permanent deformation of geomemes.


4, the machine shall not directly roll the surface of the geomemann.

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